Shelf Awareness

Once at a social mixer, I was asked what I most wanted in ten years. Without hesitation I said that I wanted enough shelves for my books. It’s been 4 years since then and I’m still far from my goal. Beyond our three overflowing bookshelves, we have books stacked on most spare surfaces in our apartment. I spend my lunch breaks scrolling through pictures of bookshelves. Is ample custom shelving and a ladder in my home too much to ask?

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The Apocalypse: Now for Adults!

Most end of the world books these days fall squarely in the YA category. While that’s fine and dandy (seriously, I think it is) my usual preference is to  read books written for adults about adult things and characters.  By random happenstance, I read two fantastic post-apocalyptic, literary fiction adult books this month.  I’ll highlight all the important aspects of a post-apocalyptic novel—shall we compare apocalypses (apocalypsi)?

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For the Love of Books: Danger in the YA section

In which I describe the pain and suffering I endured to open myself up to a different genre. 

Recently, I was plugged in to a newly-discovered book podcast while I was picking up books from my (fantastic) local library. The podcasters, two adults in their mid 30s, listed off several very literary YA books that they loved. One title in particular really grabbed my attention, so I decided to pick it up and give it a try. Why not. It isn’t my preferred genre, but I’ll read the occasional YA that catches my attention. Continue reading

Book Resolutions: 2015

Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season was full of family, rest, and plenty of books. I’ll post soon about the various books and book swag (candles and book lights make an appearance) that arrived in the form of gifts from enabling friends and family as well as my usual post about what I read over my work break.

But it is the first week of January, which is the time for making resolutions. I’ve made a few personal and relational goals for myself this year, but this isn’t the place for those. This is the place for book resolutions.

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